Chemical Concentrations throughout the Neighborhood and throughout the day

Once again, I am going to focus on the atmospheric concentration data included in the Local Sense Labs sensor dataset. I have discussed in previous assignments that the although the atmospheric concentration data appears to show variability throughout the day and between the two sensor locations, we have not actually shown that there is a … More Chemical Concentrations throughout the Neighborhood and throughout the day

Correlating DTX’s sound levels

Exploring Correlations Understanding correlations among variables reveals new insights into a dataset and potentially increases its utility. In the case of our sensor data, it is possible to imagine how understanding correlations among sensor readings may become useful as sensors continue to collect data across a city. Exploring how particular variables change in relation to … More Correlating DTX’s sound levels

Explaining Noise

Introduction In the last post, we showed that there are significant differences between the two ambient sensors City1 and City2. In this post we are going to propose some spacial hypothesis to explain why there is such difference in level of noise registered by both sensors. The hypothesis is based on the noise that people … More Explaining Noise

Mapping Street Comfort

Variable Definition After aggregating the sensor data on a minute-basis from last week, it is possible to continue to build out the sub-latent variables that contribute to our latent variable of Street Comfort. For each sub-latent variable, a score was established to indicate how that latent variable contributes to the Street Comfort variable. Eventually, the … More Mapping Street Comfort

Linking Sensor Data from DTX

Linking Data From last week, the underlying construct in progress for this sensor dataset is “street comfort” which is a measurement of overall comfort when walking through the downtown crossing neighborhood based on characteristics of air quality, sensory quality, and thermal comfort. Aggregating by minute averages The raw form of this dataset makes comparing different … More Linking Sensor Data from DTX

Urban Health Hazards

Last week, I proposed a latent construct of Urban Health Risk Assessment. This would incorporate risk factors relating to both ambient and atmospheric conditions for visitors to the Downtown Crossing (DTX) area using the Local Sense Labs sensor data. We can assess the risk of exposure to conditions like excessive heat and air pollution, both … More Urban Health Hazards